Coventry University Archives terms of deposit

Appraisal & cataloguing
Upon receipt records will be appraised, catalogued and indexed in accordance with the University’s on-going programme of collections management.

Records will be marked with collection references when catalogued.

The university reserves the right to return to the depositor any record, or transfer them to a more appropriate archival institution (preferably in the UK); to use them for educational purposes (e.g. handling or display); or to destroy them, if at its discretion the university deems the record to be of no historical interest or is considered to be outside the scope of its archives collections policy.

The ownership of and copyright in all lists, catalogues and other finding aids rests with the university.

Records will be made available to researchers in accordance with the university’s reading room rules, the principles of the Data Protection Act (2018), the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (2000) and other legal and university requirements. University staff will comply with any common law or statutory provision governing public access to records.