Take down notice

Every effort has been made to ensure that material displayed on the Coventry University (or other) webpages relating to its archival holdings does not infringe UK law, and that rights owners have been identified where relevant. However, on request, Coventry University will consider removing such material should you discover any content that you believe infringes copyright law or other rights you may possess. Please send full details of the item and the reasons for your request to the University Archivist (contact details are on our ‘contacts and visiting us’ page).

Your request will be acknowledged on receipt, and after this an initial judgement will be made regarding the validity of the request. Where it is considered valid and to be pursued, the resource will be temporarily removed from the university’s webpages, pending an agreed solution.

All attempts will be made to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably.

If the investigation finds in your favour, we will either make proper acknowledgement of your rights, or if requested remove the resource permanently from the university’s website.

The university’s full take down policy is available.