Coventry University Archives terms of deposit

Definition & scope
For the purpose of these terms of deposit “depositor” means any person or body depositing records with the university.

Records will only be accepted within the scope of the university’s collections policy, which describes the types of material collected. The preferred method of deposit is donation or bequest. Under certain circumstances records will be purchased or accepted on loan.

Records donated or acquired as a bequest become the property of Coventry University and the expectation is that depositors include in the donation or bequest their copyright in the records (if it is held by them and not by a third party). Requests for deposit of materials with conditions of use attached will initially be treated as a loan.

A copy of our deposit agreement form is available.

Preservation & conservation
All records are stored in secure conditions and all reasonable precautions are taken to preserve the records from damage, loss and theft.

Records may undergo such conservation and preservation as is considered necessary for their safe storage (if funding is available for this work). Extremely fragile records may be withheld from public access.