Take down policy

Making a request
Even with these safeguards in place, we recognize that material we publish online may lead to an unintentional infringement of rights.

Reasons for take down can include:

  • the material causing an infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (including copyright), or the rights holder refuses permission
  • the material being personal information about someone who is still alive and continued online access would be unlawful or unfair to them under the Data Protection Act 2018, or would breach their or their family’s right to a private and family life under the Human Rights Act 1998
  • the material having sensitive personal information with the potential to cause substantial damage or distress to immediate family members of a recently deceased person (within 30 years prior to the request date)
  • the material breaching confidentiality
  • the material being defamatory, libelous or obscene
  • releasing the material was in error
  • the material containing a factual error
  • the material acquiring sensitivity by virtue of being made available online and therefore more visible in the public domain.

If you think this is the case, please contact the university. You can get in touch by e-mail (archives.lib@coventry.ac.uk); by telephone (024 7765 7882); or by writing to The Archivist, Coventry University Library, Frederick Lanchester building, Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5DD. An online form to make a take down request will be available soon.

Whatever method is used you should include any relevant evidence. This could include information such as:

  • the reason for your request
  • your contact details (name, address, telephone, e-mail)
  • the full details of the material
  • the url where you found the material
  • a reference number for the material (if given)
  • proof that you are (or are representing) a rights holder (if applicable).