Handling and using archives

Readers intending to publish or reproduce documents held in the Archives must first seek the permission of the Archivist or library staff.

Reproductions of archival material for private research and non-commercial purposes is usually made available via a Creative Commons licence. Images for digitised material can be found on our online catalogue.

An access fee may be charged if Coventry University provides a reproduction of non-digitised material for publication.

Acknowledgement for reproductions in any public work should be made to ‘Coventry University Archives’.

If a researcher wishes to reproduce an item held within the archive collections (in part or in full) within their work, permission must also be obtained from the copyright holder. In some cases the copyright holder will not be Coventry University.

Responsibility for obtaining permission from the copyright holder rests with the researcher.

Some items may be photocopied, scanned or photographed (non-flash only), in accordance with copyright and other legislation, and any access restrictions. If copying is done using a self-service copier in the library, it must be carried out under supervision. Fragile or damaged items cannot be copied (only photographed).

Access restrictions may be in place for a variety of reasons including protection of personal information, copyright, closure periods (as required by legislation), and fragility of documents.